Our current Project: Fundación Villa Padre Hurtado

In Chile elderly people are one of the social groups who are less protected, as they see their life quality diminished after their work life. The natural health problems, loneliness and and the low pensions with which they have to survive on, often lead to situations of abandonment. They therefore are sometimes sent from hospices, or cold hospitals to places which can offer them a true home.

The team of guides in Santiago support The Villa Padre Hurtado Foundation, an organization which works towards giving shelter and care to those abandoned elderly, principally to those who have been abandoned by their families or society.

Since 1992, the Congregation of the Salesian Sisters of the Sacred Heart have run this unique charity in Santiago. It is a long-term residency with an open-door policy which houses around 200 elderly people who come from homeless shelters or hospitals. They stay there from their convalescence until they pass away.

Nowadays the Foundation houses both men and women who average in 84 years of age, and a team of 70 professionals with a variety of skills are there to ensure their physical and spiritual well-being in the dusk of their lives.

At Strawberry Tours we feel that La Villa Padre Hurtado needs our support; so part of everything you give on our tours we will donate in your name to the Foundation.

For more information on the charity visit www.villapadrehurtado.cl