María Laura was born and raised in Santiago. Since she was young, she showed interest in history and cultural heritage, and that was the reason she decided to study Art History. She has walked through Santiago most of her life and when she was doing an internship in the National Library, she always found places that would spark her interest, surprise her and sometimes even connect her with her own family history.

María Laura’s work experience has always been related to production and content development. She has worked in many different fields: coordination of events, music, culture & wine industry and even television, where she collaborated with tv shows such as “Santiago Adicto”. She is the kind of person that is always happy to explore and discover the hidden gems of Santiago and let travelers wonder at this exiting city!

María Laura’s Santiago Tip!
My favorite place is downtown Santiago, where you can see 3 amazing murals by Nemesio Antúnez, a famous Chilean painter: ‘Quinchamali’ located in galleria Juan Esteban Montero, ‘Terremoto’ in the cinema Nilo, and ‘Luna y Sol’, in the lobby of the Grand Palace Hotel.