Join us on our Free Walking Tour of Rio: Carnival Experience – Samba and Resistance as we delve into Rio de Janeiro’s alluring African history, and experience one of the most fun, diverse, culturally active and colourful cities in South America!

On this one-of-a-kind tour, you will discover Rio’s fascinating immersion of Afro-Brazilian culture, gastronomy and traditions, and learn about all the most important black personalities who fought to abolish slavery in Brazil. Visit one of the most important samba schools in Rio, where you can both watch and experience some of the most internationally-known expressions of Afro culture in Rio.

On this Free Walking Tour Rio: Carnival Experience – Samba and Resistance, you will not only dive deep into the essence of the city’s true carnival, but also learn that behind this massively colourful party packed full of allegoric cars and feathered costumes, lies a captivating history of resistance. And of course, end this incredible tour with a mouth-watering Caipirinha!

Please consider that we will use public transportation and you will require a RIOCARD to use it. We recommend pre-purchase at the VLT Station. The cost of the card is R$3,00 + the cost of transportation is R$4,05 - Bring cash if you can!

Also, this tour is free but there is an optional entrance to a Samba School afterward with a cost of R$75, if you're interested.