Romulo has the perfect combination of social skills as well as an incredible knowledge of not only his city, but the world as well. By being a tour guide he feels a sense of being part of the community which only fuels his love for his profession even more. Apart from showing visitors to Rio the biggest treasures of the city, he also shows them what a Carioca is really like: An easy-going kind of attitude with a strong passion and love for life. Beautiful, isn’t it? The idea that Strawberry Tours supports social projects through the 10% Promise is of special interest to him since there are many local communities in Rio de Janeiro that need help, and we are more than happy to be contributing to them.

Join Romulo on a city tour when you go on your next trip to “The Marvellous City.” To him visiting Rio means to live the dream, to “carpe diem,” and to be part of its magic. So... have you bought your plane tickets yet?

1. Hi, Romulo. Where does your passion for the travel and tourism world come from?

It comes from my own travels; not only in Brazil but especially Israel, France and Canada. They were really awesome and awoke my passion for history and culture as well as nature spots. But beyond that, being with people and telling them good stories as well listening to them, interacting with them, and sharing knowledge, questions, answers, findings, and emotions... A search for a mutual understanding and a sense of being part of the world, despite having only a small role in it.

2. Why did you decide to become a tour guide?

I think because I live in a city with a great potential for the tourism market to grow, as Rio de Janeiro is gorgeous, marvellous, and full of nature, history and people. And I really like to meet people from everywhere and get to know them, interact with them, exchange cultural and life interests and experiences, and bond with them as well.

3. From your point of view, why is Rio’s nickname “The Marvellous City” or “Cidade Maravilhosa”?

I think this nickname is based on our gorgeous nature with beaches, hills, forests and urban trails, blended with our history, culture, and people. Also maybe the Carioca way of life, which is relaxed, cooled down, easy-going and with a passion for life, (“joy de vivre”). Also being happy even despite the huge and challenging complex problems and adversity...

4. There are different tour operators or companies in Rio. Why did you decide to become a Strawberry Tours guide?

In fact, in my case, I think Strawberry Tours has chosen me because I was starting my Tour Guide Accredited Course, and I did some training with Miss Luciana Morozini who introduced me to Strawberry Tours. I liked the company so I did an evaluation with the other guides, and I was selected to be an internship guide. It has been an enriching and great experience, with lots of challenges, professional learning, growth and fun.

5. What tours do you lead and what can visitors expect to learn and see by joining them?

I lead Rio’s Historical Centre Tour, the Rocinha Free Favela Tour, and from time to time also the Lapa By Night Tour.

I think in all these tours, visitors can expect to see and hear historical and modern cultural information, lesser-known secrets, fun facts, and a little bit of both the Carioca and Brazilian spirit and our way of life with an intense cultural experience and exchange. I think some of the tours can be very emotional by creating connections, real bonds, and making true friends. This is very special and I think this is the best part: A real life experience.

6. Where do you get the information to share on your tours from?

I usually do a heavy amount of research by reading lots of good books and magazines from many accredited sources as in some trustworthy websites... Historians, teachers, people in my cultural circuit, artists, tour guides, and local residents (for example people living in favelas). Also from my own life and experiences in Rio, many of the cities and states in Brazil and abroad, as well as my experience as an Air Force Pilot. Besides these, if you are open to learning you can learn a lot with your visitors and your customers (or as I prefer to call them: guests and friends).

7. What is Strawberry Tours bringing to Rio’s tourism industry and the local community?

I think their strong experience with European marketing, their solid branding, their expertise with experience tours, and support for social projects through the 10% Promise. It’s a really good competition to shake the local marketing field up with new ideas, experiences and tours from an international, global company.

8. What does Strawberry Tours’ 10% Promise mean to you?

Social inclusion, projects and support; and a way of being part of this is to contribute. This is of special interest for the local communities in both Brazil and Rio de Janeiro nowadays. Strawberry Tours is leading the way with this attitude.

9. What do you enjoy the most about living in Rio de Janeiro?

It’s my hometown. And everyone in the world dreams at least once to be here and get this experience. This joy. Passion. Happiness. Spirit... And I’m fortunate enough to be here and share this kind of feeling with my guests and friends. And there’s more to it than just the gorgeous nature, sun and beaches. There’s soccer, Carnival, beer, caipirinhas, beautiful women, culture, history, people... I don’t need to dream. I live the dream they want to experience here, daily. In fact, being a local as well as a tour guide in Rio de Janeiro is “a kind of Magic.”

10. Why do travellers have to visit “The Marvellous City” at least once in their lifetime?

To live the dream, go the distance, to “carpe diem”, to share, and be part of the city’s magic. They’ll never forget it and most certainly would want to come back. Because Rio de Janeiro is “The Marvellous City.” “Cidade Maravilhosa.” You need to come here and see why. My words just aren’t enough to describe the feeling.