Come with us and explore a city with an ancestral Solar Culture, a city built as a reflection of the stars, of the constellations that unite in the sky, only over Quito, to form the sacred head of the Jaguar which shapes the old town. Quito is the highest capital city in the world, the place where North and South meet in an equinoctial circle of perfect symmetry. On our Free Historical Center Tour of Quito you will go through it’s more than 15 centuries of history, from the original Quitus, through the Inca and Spanish empires, until present day Quito.

Admire the magnificent Pichincha volcano, which erupted, from its altitude of 4.784 meters above sea level, for the last time in 1999, leaving a massive mushroom of ash in the sky of the city that covered the sun for two whole weeks.

Learn about the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people of the Kingdom of Quito, who learnt how to measure time and created the first solar agricultural calendar 5900 years ago. See how the old temples in the city, now christian, before pagan, are aligned in synchrony with the sun producing luminous effects in the summer and winter solstices.

Unfold all the layers of Quiteñan history as you walk through its narrow curvy streets and plazas full of convents and crossings which were part of the Capac Ñan of the ancient Incas, a 60.000 km network of paths through the Andes built in the pre-hispanic era still used today. Hear the stories of the last Inca King and of Ruminñahui, the head of the Inca army, who burnt the city so that the Spanish couldn’t take it and then hid all the Inca gold, which started all the legends of El Dorado, and remains unfound today!

On our Free Historical Center Tour of Quito you will discover a city which is today a big modern metropolis, but was, is and always will be the dreamt land of the straight Sun and the linear Time.