Come with us and discover Quito’s amazing food scene and try dishes which are older than the city itself! Ecuadorian food is a mix of the three great civilizations which have inhabited the area over time: The ancestral, the Inca and the Spanish. Join our free Quito Food Tour and journey through the essence of the millenary gastronomy of the Andes!

Ecuadorians claim that there is no other place in the whole wide world where fruit tastes as good as it does in their country. This is due to the fact that the sun is closer to the ground, as it is on the Equator, and so this proximity to the sun can, amazingly, change the DNA of the fruits and vegetables, producing the most nutritious and tastiest harvests in the world. Visit the Mercado de San Francisco, the oldest in the city, and try some delicious juices and milkshakes with exotic fruits unique to this land such as naranjillas, guanábanas, tamarindos, tree tomatoes, or the famous Ecuadorian bananas.

Try traditional dishes in hidden away, off-the-beaten-track cafes and restaurants. Drink a delicious “Ponche,” a warm drink of milk, rum, egg and cinnamon, together with a succulent Tamal (a corn leaf wrap) and a Quimbolito (sweet wheat cake wrapped in mana leaves) or a cheese Empanada de Viento.

Taste Quito’s best Seco de Chivo (goat stew) in a traditional restaurant near the Metropolitan Cathedral. Enjoy a tasty Cuccuhara with pork fritada, one of the most popular dishes in Ecuador, as you admire the best views of the city!

But of course, no food tour in Quito would be complete without chocolate. Recent studies indicate that cacao has been used in the area for over 5,000 years. Try all types of different flavored chocolates, all organic and biodynamic in a world-famous chocolatería. However, sweets in Quito are not only limited to chocolate, so those with a sweet tooth can easily discover all the riches the city has to offer.

On our Free Quito Food Tour you will explore the most delicious and tastiest side to the city, eat like the Quiteños do, try their best traditional dishes and beverages, and learn about a gastronomic tradition that’s rooted in the heights of the Andes mountains and bathed by the equatorial sun.

*On our Free Food Tour Quito you decide how much you eat and how much you spend. Forget about paying an expensive ticket for a food tour and being given food that you may not like or are unable to eat because of dietary restrictions. You decide what you eat with the help of our guides and if you get an item from each place it'll only cost you around 15USD to 18USD in total, even less if you're sharing! You are of course absolutely welcome to come along even if you don't want to eat anything but want to learn about the area and Quito’s fascinating food culture.