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When Veronica was a 12 years old girl, she wrote in a piece of paper the countries she wanted to visit in the future, and her dream became an incredible reality when she turned a Tour Guide in Ecuador and later Tour Director in all Latin America. In her trips, she learned from indigenous leaders about Andean Cosmovision, and even more, her love for history brought her to travel to Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Veronica is delighted to share not only her knowledge, but the untold secrets that tourists from all the world want to hear about Quito, where she was born.

Veronica’s Quito Tip!
Living in the city where the immense and natural wisdom of our ancestors induced the finding of the first solar calendar in the world, makes the sky and the name of Quito to be a fabulous place to discover! Come and enjoy this wonder!



Clara decided to become a Tour Guide after being an English teacher for children in Quito. As a student, guiding and traveling became a priority due to her innate love for the Ecuadorian geography, history, planning, English language and ecological diversity. Clara is a passionate reader and likes challenges in many ways!

Clara’s Quito Tip!
Quito is unique! Come to see the steep geography of Quito, its museums, its pictorial chronology of religious and modern art, the gold leaf decoration in its churches that have survived many centuries, and its gastronomy!! My favorites are goat stew (seco de chivo), humitas (corn steamed wraps) with chocolate, and the refreshing locally flavored craft beers, you are cordially invited!!



Daniela is the type of adventurous and pragmatic guide that appreciates life every second, either at practicing kick boxing, biking, swimming, writing dramatic poems, reading terror books, traveling or reading. Her dreams were achieved through her first backpacking experience, a whole month in Peru, traveling alone! But who did she get that courage from? Daniela’s Dad was her first tour guide in Quito, since she was a little girl, he transmitted her the love for its history, archaeology, its anecdotic legends… Today she keeps the desire of transmitting the same emotions about Quito to other people, through her passion for guiding and her forever and never-ending smile!!

Daniela’s Quito Tip!
Do you believe in Magic? Even if you don’t, I would recommend visiting Quito. When you turn on every corner, you will witness small traces of magic. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you visit the Church of San Francisco which is believed to have been built in just one night! Just come and see one of the first cultural heritage sites and get surprised by its history.