Free Walking Tours Panama

Panama City is the keystone of the Americas. Connecting North America to South, and the Pacific to the Atlantic, it has been named in the top 5 places in the world to retire; deservedly so, with its cornucopia of high rise buildings, beautiful coastline and surrounding rainforest.

Modern and cosmopolitan, Panama City is a hub of international trade, ecotourism and shopping, and its laid back attitude promises a warm welcome to everyone from all corners of the globe. Be sure to explore Panama City taking one of the many available free walking tours of the city. There is nothing like the knowledge of a local to make you feel at home!

What are your Free Tour options in Panama?

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Which are the Best Free Tours in Panama?

Panama City was the first European settlement along the Pacific, and some of the original 16th century buildings can still be seen at Panama Old Town (Casco Viejo). The historical area is perfect for exploring in a Free Tour, where you will also meet new people and hear stories about this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Colorful buildings, historic ruins, and great views out over the bay are just some of the highlights of Panama’s Casco Viejo. On any of the 2-2,5 hours long free tours departing daily, you’ll also see:

  • La Merced Church
  • Golden Altar Church
  • Santo Domingo Convent
  • Indepence Square
  • France Square

Nature lovers should not miss an opportunity to visit the Parque Natural Metropolitano, a 265 hectare forest where you can see monkeys, sloths, anteaters, iguanas and much, much more! Now tourists have been permitted to go up the crane into the forest canopy for a unique view of the forest, but make sure you book ahead.

Panama City is probably best known for being situated right on the mouth of the Panama Canal, a waterway built in 1914 and a marvel of engineering in its time. Far from being obsolete, this wonder of the modern world has been widened to allow larger ships to pass through and remains an important resource for world maritime trade. Many tourists from all around the world come visiting with their cameras ready! The Miraflores Visitor Center is only a 20 minute drive from the city and you can watch the colossal ships pass through the locks. You can even stop for a bite to eat at the restaurant – request a balcony so you can watch the action!

In case the skyscrapers, natural sanctuaries and the huge canal aren’t enough, Panama has still more wonders in store for you! This small country has the second largest duty-free zone in the world. The Colon Free Zone is a dream destination for any shop addict!

Panama is an easy to travel destination, with amazing weather all year long, stunning beaches, and open to tourism. With so many things to do, what are you waiting to book your free tours?

What is a Free Tour?

Free Tours are walks provided by passionate local guides without requesting any upfront payments. They allow every traveler, no matter their budget, to experience and enjoy what a place has to offer. 

Who takes Free Tours?

Free Tours guests are travelers of all ages and backgrounds seeking to enjoy authentic experiences. Independent tourists usually book Free Tours because they are looking for special activities, where they can learn historical facts, but also get an overview about the local culture, environment, and people.

Are Free Tours really Free?

Yes. Free Tours run on a “Pay-What-It’s-Worth” basis, so they are completely free unless you decide to make a contribution according to how much you enjoyed the experience. Guides appreciate receiving tips of any amounts at the end of the tour, but it’s completely voluntary to do so.

Do I have to book my Free Tour?

Yes. It’s mandatory to make a booking to ensure group sizes remain manageable and Guides can provide a better experience for all guests. Making a booking is absolutely free and it will take you less than one minute!