Important Notice: The Free Moscow Soviet Tour will not run on the 25th of October.

Join our Free Soviet Tour Of Moscow as we pull back the Iron Curtain on Russia’s Soviet past, and discover a collage of history which includes everything from massive social change and revolutions, to times of war, slavery, poverty and even political terror.

Hear about Czar Nicholas II’s abdication of power in 1917 which eventually led to the end of the Romanov’s rule in Russia, and learn how the writing of one book, Das Kapital, reshaped the political thoughts of the day and initiated a new type of governing in Russia as well as the world. Discover how the impact of this philosophy was put into place as we cover the intricacies of the Revolution of 1917, and the rise of Vladimir Lenin and The Bolsheviks.

Understand the evolution of this new political system in Soviet Russia, where the state took care of everything from health care and education to accommodation, yet its citizens did not have the freedom of action, speech or travel. Learn how Russia, now called the Soviet Union, grew from a peasant society into a military and industrial super-power, and how the often-referred-to as “Great Leader of Russia,” Joseph Stalin, was also associated with political terror on many levels.

With each step taken on our Free Soviet Tour Of Moscow you will be turning over pages upon pages of Russia’s incredibly complex political history, from both the formation and collapse of the USSR, to a Soviet heritage that is still present in everyday Russian life, and fresh in the minds of its people.

In the famous words of Fyodor Tyutchev:

For the insight of Russia you should not use your brain.
And measurement of Russia in common yards is vain.
It has a very special and very unique gist...
A great belief in Russia you ought just to persist!