Join us on our Free Historical Centre Tour Of Moscow as we uncover layers upon layers of Moscow’s complex history, a city that has been burned down, conquered and rebuilt throughout its history, yet has always persevered through times of war, poverty and political terror.

Learn how Moscow, a city which was founded long before Russia was even a united country, survived attacks by the Mongolians, Napoleon’s army and the Nazis. Hear about the reign of the most famous Czars, including the horrific reign of Ivan the Terrible and the massive attempts at Westernization by Peter the Great, and discover which bodies of the Soviet Union’s former leaders were embalmed and still on display in a mausoleum for visitors to see today.

Understand more about the heart of Old Moscow, the Kremlin, and the ceremonial Red Square, which has been the focal point of countless historical and political events throughout Russia’s history. And how exactly did this square get its name long before Russia’s Communist era of the 20th century? Join our tour and find out!

On our Free Historical Centre Tour Of Moscow you will discover that when it comes to Russian history, it all starts and ends with Moscow, a city that defied all the odds through the winds of change and hardship, which only further fanned the flames of its endurance.