Our Guides Moscow



Svetlana was in love with traveling even before she actually started to do it. She was born in Lipetsk, moved to Moscow in about 2002 (it’s close in Russian scale – only 450 km between the cities).

She studied philosophy and religion, and also design. While working in the fashion industry she finally noticed that an office job can’t offer enough freedom, so she moved on and looked for new experiences. After a while, she found herself devoted to all kinds of travel activities and started guiding (first in the Georgia Republic, then in Russia) and organizing travel groups abroad. She believes that there are no limits when you love what you do!

She is really in love with nature, hiking, mountains, starry nights. But also enjoys living in the biggest city of Russia due to its amazing energy, vibes, and history.

Svetlana’s Moscow Tip!
People associate Moscow with beautiful metro – and yes, it’s a must here! But after exploring it don’t forget about ground transportation, numerous city buses/trams/trolleys give you amazing panoramic views and can show you the city center just like touring buses. Remember to avoid rush hours (8-10 am and 6-8 p.m.). Don’t hesitate to ask Google about routes, a local sim-card is also affordable and convenient to have 🙂



Mariya was born in a lovely town of scientists near the capital but soon her family moved to Moscow. Though the great city with its amazing activity and challenging opportunities has irrevocably gotten into her lifestyle her heart still cherishes the quiet and friendly place she was born in.

She was qualified in linguistics and her job brought her to showing the wonders of Moscow to numerous guests, and this new area fascinated her and let her combine her bookworm interests with the passion of associating with new people. Besides having 4 children, she has noticed it’s quite challenging to achieve a stable life and has come to the conclusion that the best way to approach it is through active traveling. She thinks that to keep teenagers entertained, great creativity is needed: cycling, wind-surfing, kayaking, mountain climbing & touring new places. She is always glad to share her experience in Moscow with friends & family, young and old, she will always find a way to create fun memories.

Mariya’s Moscow Tip!
To submerge into Moscow atmosphere and discover more about its wonders, there’s one place marvelous in its quiet charm. It’s Gogol’s Boulevard with busy and modern New Arbat Street at its one end and magnificent main Russian Cathedral of Christ Our Savior at the other. Make sure not to miss it!



Lisa was born and raised in Moscow. Philology student, passionate about languages, music and dance, she loves traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people a lot. Since that, she knows how important first impression of a city is and tries to make her tour a memorable experience so that everyone can bring home good vibes.

Lisa’s Moscow Tip!
If you are tired of the megapolis atmosphere, get lost in the quiet old alleys of Kitay-Gorod or Taganskaya area and you will find many interesting places that even locals often don’t know about.



Maria is half English and half Russian and speaks both languages fluently. She was born in Moscow but grew up between Moscow and the UK. After studying Natural Sciences and Cambridge University and working for 8 years in London, she is now back to her much-missed birth town. Fun facts: she’s a qualified yoga instructor, loves Russian cuisine and hates stripy toothpaste.

Maria’s Moscow Tip!
Make the most of Russian food during your visit! There are plenty of reasonably-priced cafes and restaurants where you can try the many types of Russian soups, salads that contain no salad, and perogi (very different from the Polish ones!) Maria would be happy to advise.



Andrey was born in Moscow, and has traveled a lot, but is still in love with his city. He graduated with a history masters degree and he is always around the city center because, along with his university friends, he shares hot meals with homeless people. He likes the city spirit; to discover it more and more, and is always looking to making the world a better place.

Andrey’s Moscow Tip!
Try to live an ordinary Moscow life: visit suburbans, make some shopping, use metro, tram… It would help you to realise natural Moscow lifestyle. You grately can observe it from highest observation point in the Ostankino TV tower, which I advice you to visit!



Elisabeth grew up liking Moscow: having been travelling, she got the beauty of the city’s eclectics and an absolutely unique heritage it has to offer. She studies Japanese and programming, has a collection of board games and she’s always glad to have new people to play them with. With a cultural studies degree and a strong desire to make an entertaining tour, she is into history as a way of storytelling. She believes only a person who is in love with a city will be able to show its true colors.

Elisabeth’s Moscow Tip!
Explore every nook and cranny! Step off from tourist roads and go to the backyards, explore parks: VDNKh with a botanical garden, Gorky park, Kolomenskoe and Sokolniki. Wanna see a Kremlin, but a bright and festive one? Go to Izmailovky kremlin to buy souvenirs, see gingerbread-like houses and peculiar Russian churches. Btw, there is also a park nearby!