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There are neighborhoods everywhere in the world that concentrate their city’s purest and most authentic identity. On our Free Untouched Montevideo Tour, you will have the chance to discover one of these unique and beautiful places, where you will experience Montevideo’s essence at its finest.

Explore the city's roots in one of the neighbourhoods that preserves its cultural heritage and wonder at one of its most valuable treasures: the emblematic ‘New Cemetery’, now called 'Central Cemetery' and considered the genesis of the South Quarter. Soak up the beauty of its funereal architecture, which portrays the different ideological nuances of Uruguayan culture, and learn how the way feelings are expressed about death also describe the way we live life.

Unravel stories about the expansion that began with the South Quarter, where mostly African slaves and European immigrants populated its periphery. Learn about the identity that resulted from this mixture, which is evident in its cultural manifestations, particularly in music and dance, resulting in Candombe and Tango, both declared cultural heritage by the UNESCO in 2009 and born precisely during this historical context.

On our Free Untouched Montevideo Tour, you will discern why the composer Carlos Gardel said, "It is not enough to have a melodious voice to sing a tango. You have to feel it and you have to live its spirit." That spirit lives, sings, dances, and breathes in the streets of the South Quarter, not only brought to life by the accordion that echoes in the shadows of the suburbs, but also by the drums that roar, urging us to never stop dreaming of a world where everyone is equal.