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Join our Free Historical Centre Tour of Montevideo and discover one of the southernmost locations in America. As the capital of Uruguay and with a population of 1.3 million inhabitants, Montevideo is the city with the best quality of life in the continent, ranking above Buenos Aires, Santiago, and Sao Paulo.

Marvel at Montevideo’s architectural masterpieces, including Plaza Independencia, and enjoy a stroll through the traditional Port Market. Delve into the city’s atmosphere and learn about its foundation and idyllic geography, which made it one of the most coveted places by the Spanish, Portuguese, English and French Crowns during Colonial times, given its position as the largest natural port in the country.

Learn about different theories regarding the root of the name 'Montevideo', which range from a mere phrase enunciated by a Portuguese sailor "Monte vide eu" (I see a mount), to premises that include coordinates jotted down by the Spaniards on an old map. You will be amazed by intriguing anecdotes regarding the attempts to take over “the austral pearl of the Spanish Crown” during the Colonial Era, discerning how this treasured city that was so jealously guarded would then become one of the continent’s only walled colonies.

Experience the bohemian atmosphere of this magical city and wander through the beautiful Constitution Square, a historical place where the people of Montevideo gathered to promulgate the Constitution, thus setting the foundation for the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

On our Free Historical Centre Tour of Montevideo, you will soak up the joy of a country that witnessed the birth of Tango and Candombe, and you will understand why the most powerful nations could not take their eyes off of this sought-after city, coveting its mountain ranges from a distance, wishing they belonged to them.