IMPORTANT: Dear travelers, we are sorry to announce that due to safety concerns, we will be canceling the Free Market Tour until further notice.

Join our Free Mexico City Market Tour and immerse yourself in the “real” Mexico by discovering the city’s most beloved markets and their captivating cultural traditions. From pre-Hispanic dishes that have been passed down through generations, the mystical world of Mexico’s esoteric folklore, and exotic snacks that certainly aren’t for the faint-hearted, Mexico City’s many markets know no bounds. Do you have the stomach for sampling some of Mexico’s most obscure, bizarre and peculiar dishes during your trip to this extraordinary city? Only time will tell!

Explore the many flavours, colours and smells of the emblematic Merced Market, the largest and most visited vegetable and fruit market in the city, full of piñatas, colourful decorations for religious festivities, and different dishes which will lure you into the scent of Mexico. Learn about the magical and spell-binding areas of the Sonora Market (or the Mercado de la Bruja), offering various herbs, plants and amulets which have been used as remedies for health, love and luck since as far back as the Aztec times.

Hear about the history of one of Mexico’s most illustrious traditions, the piñata, as you stroll past different shops displaying piñatas in every shape, size and design imaginable. Wander around an assortment of pre-Hispanic dishes like crocodile, wild pig, lion, worms and insects at the Gourmet San Juan Market, famous for its gastronomic traditions that have been around for over 100 years or more!

On our Free Mexico City Market Tour you will taste, smell, touch and feel all of what Mexico City’s many fascinating, traditional and often-times mysterious markets have to offer, and see for yourself why Pablo Neruda once said, “Mexico is in its markets.” And who knows, maybe after the tour you could enjoy an exotic meal in the San Juan Market, a perfect conclusion to this mind-blowing and tastebud-churning tour!

*Please consider that we will take the subway to reach some of the markets during this tour, so please ensure to bring some pocket change with you to cover your travel expenses. The cost is 6 Mexican pesos per person.