Our Current Project in Mexico City: Fundación Pro Niños de la Calle (I.A.P.)

A recent study (2017) conducted by UNICEF found that only Mexico City alone 14.322 children lived in the streets. Despite many social and government initiatives to tackle the issue, the problem is still in the rise. This is due to many organizations focusing on just helping this children to survive, which whilst it’s the human thing to do it somehow enables it. That’s not the case of I.A.P. who on top of giving basic care they provide children with an education and they try to help them find options so that they can find a long term alternative. On top of that they give help them develop cognitive, social and emotional abilities that will help them avoid the use of drugs, diminish the risk of them dropping out of school and ending up on the streets again.

Their aim is to have helped 1000 children out of the streets by 2020. All the money we raise through our Strawberry Promise iniciativa will be given to the foundation and destined towards helping them reach that goal.

Thanks for your generosity!

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