Our Guides Mexico City


Gabriel was born in Mexico City, under the sign of Taurus, so he is passionate about everything he does: his love for history, archaeology, art, music and culture, which he has studied, have been the reason why he enjoys exploring and sharing the land where he was born, since Mexico has got all of that and more. He has developed a career on tourism for more than twelve years, a profession that gives him the opportunity to show travelers from random parts of the world the richness of the vast and millenary Mexican culture with honesty, love and passion. Gabriel’s Mexico City Tip! When you are in Mexico City, there are some places you shouldn’t miss, such as a walk through the Historical Centre to see Mexico’s city original settlement; a visit to Templo Mayor, which would also tell you about its pre-Columbian heritage through an Aztec temple; a visit to a Market, so you can see the real colors and flavors of the Mexican gastronomy; try out our tacos to taste our most traditional appetizers; and don’t miss the National Museum of Anthropology, where our most valuable treasures from ancient times are kept in one amazing building.


Language and art teacher, she was born in Mexico City, passionate about the arts and history of her country. Touring has found out how to show the cultural and natural richness of Mexico such as in-situ classes. These passions have led her to live in different places, allowing her to apply this to the daily practice of tourism. Besides being a teacher, Ariadna is part of an artists collective who manage and carry out international art projects in the landscape. Ariadna’s Mexico City Tip! If you have the opportunity, visit the Abelardo Rodríguez market, which in addition to showing you the folklore and colorful products that are offered, you will find interesting mural paintings.


As a visitor to his own country Hermes discovered his passion for his culture and traditions. Hermes was born in Mexico City, but lived in another country for 20 years. In the last six years after coming back to Mexico, Hermes began to notice how much he enjoys learning about the different cultures like the Mayas and Aztecs, and their traditions. The background of its people, the music, the food, and the famous Artist that have shape the history of Mexico. Hermes attended the National School of Anthropology and History, where he became a certified tour guide. For Hermes getting back in touch with his roots became his passion, and he wants to keep learning, discovering and sharing the rich culture his country has to offer. Hermes’ Mexico City Tip! There are so many beautiful places to visit when you come to Mexico. But you can’t leave without visiting Xochimilco. Xochimilco is best known for the canals, and artificial islands called chinampas. Also, you can take a wooden boats called “trajineras”. You can enjoy a relaxing evening with Mariachi music, food and drinks. Or if you’re looking for thrill, visit The Island of the Dolls, which legends say that is haunted by the soul of a little girl.