Strawberry Promise

Our Strawberry Promise means that part of the tips received on all our tours will be destined to contributing towards a local charity. We carefully select the charity we want to support in each city where we operate, because we’re committed to helping disadvantaged communities. Why do we do it?

Strawberry Tours and Responsible Tourism

At Strawberry Tours we believe in Responsible Tourism. We believe that tourism can be an activity which is beneficial not just for our customers but for every local community in which we operate.

Responsible tourism has two main aspects:

  • Enhancing local cultures throughout the world
  • Having a positive impact on local communities

The very nature of our work takes care of the first aspect, as on our tours you will get a deep understanding of the culture that you are visiting. Our tours highlight the cultural eccentricities of each individual city that make unique, and thus we help it’s preservation.

As for the second aspect partially the nature of our company takes care for it. As we provide a platform for local guides to be able to to show the city that they grew up in and love. Not only that, we provide them with a business infrastructure through helping them create their own Strawberry Tours franchise. That way every time you go on a Strawberry Tour, regardless where you are in the world, you will be supporting a local enterprise.

However, that only takes care of it partially, as we want to have an even bigger positive impact in the local communities where we operate. For this part we needed to be more proactive, so that’s why we decided to create the Strawberry Promise, to take our commitment that little bit further.

Our Current Project in Madrid: Ayuda en Acción - Aquí También

The last financial crisis hit Spain very hard, starting in 2008 the economy only began properly recovering in 2017, unemployment is still extremely high though, having gone down a lot but still being as high as 17-18%. This meant that a lot of families, especially the ones who were struggling already, suffered the toughest consequences. For the first time since after the Civil War there was actual hunger in Spain. That’s when Ayuda en Acción decided to launch their project “Aquí También”, meaning literally here too.

The project focuses on children, and tries to ensure equal opportunity amongst all of them. The way the go about it is by finding those estate run schools which have a higher number of children in need, and then helping them buy didactic material and paying for their meals. The meals issue was very controversial, as the government had to cut funding on the free meals given at school, which for many children were the only proper meals they were getting in a day.

All funds from Strawberry Promise in Madrid will go towards this charity. Our goal is to raise 12000€ so that we can pay for breakfast and tea for 50 children for a whole year. Thanks to your generosity we are helping so that every child in Spain, regardless his origin, has equal opportunity, starting by the most basic, a good, healthy nutrition.

More info on the project here.