This week for the LoveLondon blog we have gone back to the classics, the British classics! Iconic designs, afternoon tea and a neighbourhood must have, read on to find out more!

Love London

Telephone Boxes? What do we know about them? Not much admittedly but we love them anyway. The Red Telephone box is a true British icon, and has regularly been voted as such anytime a vote about great British icons takes place, usually every 2-3 years or when there is no news.

But did you know there are 8 different types of phone boxes in Britain? Yep, 8 the most prolific of which were the K2, K3 and K6. In the past couple of year, the traditional red phone box has become regrettably become obsolete, but don't fear phone box fans. Thanks to the BT “adopt a kiosk” project many of the countries phone boxes have been reborn in some truly weird and wonderful ways! The most popular has been the library/book exchange. So, keep an eye out for your local red phone box and see if you can adopt or turn it into a new piece of British culture!

Honourable mention goes to the Police Box, because, Doctor Who. Duh

Experience London

A staunch British tradition, afternoon tea symbolises the British love affair with royalty and the personification of being posh and eating tiny sandwiches. First developed as a tea ritual in 1840’s Britain (Tea ritual, not something you head everyday) the afternoon tea has evolved from a royal reception and a light snack to curb afternoon hunger to an even generally associated with celebrations and birthdays.

London has also become synonymous with afternoon tea, and any hotel in the Mayfair area of London is sure to provide a brilliant afternoon tea service. It might be a little pricey but is really worth it to experience the delights of such a British tradition.

We would recommend B Bakeries afternoon tea bus tour! The Perfect way to mix your afternoon tea needs and to ride around in a red bus.

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Benefit London

Waterloo Action Centre

I am sure we have all had an experience with a local community centre, for many of us here in Britain they were a staple of our childhood or have even continued to be a large part of our life today. The Waterloo Action Centre is a community charity dedicated to managing for the premises and building where they are based.

The building itself was built in 1893 as a Library, after 60 years of public use and surviving the Second World War and various bombardments it was unfortunately closed due to safety reasons. Since then the Action Centre responded as a community space for various uses and activities. We felt the need to highlight the waterloo action centre in this week's Benefit London section as they are a perfect example of how community can come together and help each other in various roles. More than ever we can see how London is a city that values community everything.

The Action Centre is a space for legal advice, an activity space for the elderly, a creative space and leisure centre all in one. The space and activities they provide for the elderly are popular with the locals, the “Happy Bus Pass Outings” particularly so. This is a scheduled list of events designed for the sixty plus crowd to get out in an informal setting and see some of the great sights and attractions London can offer!

The Waterloo Action Centre is doing amazing work every day, and is truly making a difference in the lives of its residents. Now if that doesn't get you itching to go check out your local community centre we don't know what will! -