This week for our #LoveLondon Blog we have teamed up with London Lifestyle and Travel Blogger Eppie! She will be telling us some of the best things about London that she loves, wants you to experience and of course, she thinks is benefiting the city!

You can read her blog here - and don't forget to follow her on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with her globetrotting adventures! But for now let's see why she she Loves London!

Love London

Whilst I could talk for hours about the endless list of things I love about London, one thing has to be the never ending amount of surprising stories that sit within each corner, street and door of the city. Soho is one of my favourite areas for this reason for every time I look around I see something I’ve never seen before. Once walking down Meard Street with my head in the clouds I suddenly noticed a plaster 3D nose sticking out the side of the wall. Upon seeking an answer from Google I found the story of the Seven Noses of Soho. Among the streets of central London were once 35 reproductions of artist Rick Buckley’s nose, stuck on buildings such as the National Gallery and Tate Britain. As an artistic installation related to the controversial introduction of CCTV, he did not publicise his guerrilla work and instead left people to wonder about their owner. There are now 7 noses remaining in Soho (with talk of a secret 8th), with rumours saying finding all of which will bring you good fortune.

Experience London

Lounge Bohemia – Shoreditch

It’s no secret that London’s cocktail culture has gone from height to height with constant new openings and the latest creative way of ordering your own personalised drink. But one bar that always remains one of the city’s best is East London’s Lounge Bohemia. Hidden behind a discreet door on Great Eastern Street (take a touch, you’ll need it!), two flights of stairs will take you down to a cave like bar. Despite its hidden location this spot is far from pretentious and is in fact a laid back, relaxed comfy find for some of the city’s most creative cocktails.

Each comes in a bizarre over the top form with anything from mini pancakes to marshmallows hanging from mini trees. Before you can take a sip a well thought out story about how your drink came to be is told, as your whimsical server puts the finishing touches to your drink right before your eyes.

Food Cycle Logo

Benefit London

Based in London, FoodCycle is a national charity who has a creative approach to tackling issues around food wastage and hunger. Over 12 million tonnes of food is simply thrown away each year yet over 8 million people in the UK are struggling to get enough to eat. The growing number of volunteers behind FoodCycle quite simply put two and two together and now save quality food from being thrown into the bin, turning it into tasty three-course meals for vulnerable people. Their mission to unite and nourish communities in a society where no one is hungry has already seen inspiring results...

  • 208,000 meals cooked since 2009
  • 265 tonnes of reclaimed surplus food
  • 950 meals and take home boxes of food a week

FoodCycle is also about bringing communities together and tackling loneliness. Anyone is welcome to come along and share a meal, with food available to take home to eat during the week. The meals are free with an optional donation if you’re able to and of course good conversation and a warm smile can be expected!

FoodCycle takes up various projects in London that you can get involved with. Apart from volunteering for a local kitchen (no experience needed!) you can also become a project leader or fundraise through their website