10% Promise

Our 10% Promise means that 10% of the tips given on all our tours will be donated by the guide to a local charity. In each city that we operate we choose carefully a charity that in our opinion is doing great work to help local communities where they’re struggling most. But why do we do it?

Strawberry Tours and Responsible Tourism

At Strawberry Tours we believe in Responsible Tourism. We believe that tourism can be an activity which is beneficial not just for our customers but for every local community in which we operate.

Responsible tourism has two main aspects:

  • Enhancing local cultures throughout the world
  • Having a positive impact on local communities

The very nature of our work takes care of the first aspect, as on our tours you will get a deep understanding of the culture that you are visiting. Our tours highlight the cultural eccentricities of each individual city that make unique, and thus we help it’s preservation.

As for the second aspect partially the nature of our company takes care for it. As we provide a platform for local guides to be able to to show the city that they grew up in and love. Not only that, we provide them with a business infrastructure through helping them create their own Strawberry Tours franchise. That way every time you go on a Strawberry Tour, regardless where you are in the world, you will be supporting a local enterprise.

However, that only takes care of it partially, as we want to have an even bigger positive impact in the local communities where we operate. For this part we needed to be more proactive, so that’s why we decided to create the 10% promise, to take our commitment that little bit further.

Current Charity Project

Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia charity. They provide information and support, improve care, fund research, and create lasting change for people affected by dementia.

Every day, they work tirelessly to find new treatments and, ultimately, a cure for dementia. Providing expert information, training, and support services to all those who need our help to create a more dementia friendly society so people with the condition can live without fear and prejudice.

We'll be doing our bit, we believe that The Alzheimer's Society deserve our support. That's why our guides are donating 10% of all money received via our "Pay What You Feel" scheme to the charity. Our Goal is to raise £10,000 to help support the Alzheimer's Society and their goals. To give you an idea of how these donations will help benefit the Alzheimer's Society here are some figures

  • £1,000 could provide a lifeline to people with dementia and their carers by paying for a Dementia Café to run for an entire month. The relaxed setting gives people affected by dementia the chance to make new friends and share information, tips and advice.
  • £2,700 could offer monthly support from a counsellor to the National Dementia Helpline team for a year – crucial for providing a high-quality service.
  • £5,000 could provide a year’s supply of special chemicals that can help researchers turn molecules into potential new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • £9,000 could run our online community Talking Point for a month, so that people affected by dementia can unite, share experiences and get support.
  • £10,000 could provide the resources a research fellow needs for a year, to develop our understanding of the causes of dementia, improve care and treatment, and search for a cure.

Please help us support this truly amazing charity, and keep your eyes peeled for ways we can work together in the future to offer our help.