Top 8 most underrated restaurants in London

So you’ve scoped out TripAdvisor and you’ve read the reviews of the most popular restaurants in London, but given London’s size and sky-rocketing number of place to eat, chances are that you’ve probably missed more than a restaurants in London.

If you’re hoping to check out some of the most underrated restaurants London has to offer, here are a few places to keep in mind:

Photo credit: Bex Walton

Pizza Pilgrims 

This Naples-style restaurant is ideally located in the heart of Soho’s shopping district, so you can easily much on some Italian food after a hard day of hitting the shops.

With a wide selection of different pizzas and mouth-watering toppings, not to mention a variety of different cocktails, desserts and other Naples-style dishes, you will almost certainly find something on their menu that will tickle your fancy.

Burger and Lobster 

Obviously both the burger and the lobster are the main ticket items here, as the lobster is said to be one of the best in London and the corn-fed steak comes straight out of the rolling hills of Nebraska.

Be forewarned that there is a no reservations policy and sometimes hour-long waits are necessary, but entirely worth it.

Photo credit: Sofia Gk

The Hippodrome Casino

If you plan on seeing a few theatre performances during your stay in London, then you might as well drop in to The Hippodrome Casino. The place may be touristy (and inside a casino), but it boasts a smoker’s floor, steaks that are reasonably priced, and a wide range of meaty dishes such as fish, duck, and much more.

Sweet Couture 

It may be small in size, but Sweet Couture makes up for it by offering a variety of unique and hand-made cupcakes that will make you taste buds water with delight.

From red velvet cupcakes, carrot cake, chocolate sponge, oreo cupcakes, Cherry Bakewells and so much more, this dessert boutique has made a name for itself by using the best ingredients out there such as free range eggs, Belgian chocolate and Madagascan vanilla.

Photo credit: TomEats


There’s a whole lot of Americana going on in this place, so if burgers, chili fries and chicken wings are your thing then definitely give this place a try.

The place has an alternative kind-of-feel going on; (they offer an item on the menu called “The Dead Hippie” – what do you expect?), but be aware that they offer a no-reservations policy and wait times could last up to 45 minutes.


Are you a fussy eater who finds it difficult to dine out in general? Well HKK is the restaurant for you. Not only do they have vegetarian dishes, they also have gluten-free, and nut and mushroom intolerant menu items as well.

Photo credit: Kake


Specializing in South Indian food and dishes, Ganapati has everything from beetroot curry, flaky flatbread, Kerela paratha and even kavoor kozhi curry. But if you want to check the place out and you’re unsure as to what to order, make sure you give the sword fish curry or pickled hot carrots a try, as they come highly recommended.


Whoever said that champagne and hot dogs didn’t go well together has obviously never visited this joint.

With Philly cheese dogs, breakfast dogs (did we mention champagne?) and every topping you can imagine, this place is a godsend for anyone looking for a quick bite of American deliciousness.

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