Strawberry Tours and Responsible Tourism

Travel and tourism is, in our opinion, the best way to connect with your fellow human. Travelling to a new city and experiencing their culture, food and history firsthand is the best way to grow and connect. As a walking tour company we have been able to provide fantastic and unique experiences to thousands of travellers who come to London. However we feel that we have a responsibility to work within our community and contribute to the city.

As a company, Strawberry Tours is taking steps to uphold responsible tourism practices and have a positive impact within the community of London. We intend to do this through a number of approaches such as donations to charity and raising awareness. These approaches are outlined in more detail below:

  • Our guides will now be donating 10% of all tips from their tours to charity. Keep reading to find out what charity we are supporting this month!
  • We will be working to raise awareness about some of the prominent social and economical issues in London such as homelessness, addiction, and recovery.
  • We will be showcasing the great work of many of the grass roots charities situated in London, featuring them on our new Love London blog.


We intend to work with a range of charities over the coming years to raise money for a number of different causes. Our first target is to raise £3000 for the Spitalfields Crypt Trust, an East London Charity who are dedicated to helping homelessness and addiction recovery.

The Charity

SCT offer a range of high-quality support, rehabilitation and training services, to people facing problems of homelessness, alcohol, drugs, poverty or social isolation. The charity run various services including a daily drop-in centre, a rehabilitation hostel, a therapy programme, two second-stage move-on homes, a life skills training centre and five charity shops. The core aim of each of these activities is “putting lives back together” find more information about them here -

We'll be doing our bit. This March, we believe that SCT deserve our support. That's why our guides are donating 10% of all money received via our “Pay What You Feel” scheme to the charity. Our aim is to raise £3,000 to help support inner-London communities. Please help us support this truly amazing charity, and keep your eyes peeled for ways we can work together in the future to offer our help. With Strawberry Tours, you can Love London, Experience London & Benefit London.