A Grass Roots Charity dedicate to social equality and community cohesion, London Village Network is working tirelessly to give positive role models, strategic career information and help young people in Islington develop new skills and connections.

A tragic circumstance of some of London’s inner-city estates is lack of access to relevant and inspiring mentors in business. LVN is changing that, by providing micro-mentoring, workshops and classes to help London youths develop skills for future employment or become entrepreneurs.

One of the truly wonderful aspects of LVN is their growth over the last two years since their inception. LVN now boasts a world class app that allows adult professionals to easily donate their time (One Hour!) to help the young people involved in their programs. It also allows the young people involved with LVN to access local youth opportunities and create networking opportunities between young people, professional and youth provision services.

A hugely impressive achievement given the changes we see in how younger people consume information and interact with their peers. By creating an app that delivers a similar experience to the popular social media apps being used by people aged 16-24 LVN is tackling issues of communication breakdown between employers and schools and the younger generation.

We could continue to list the amazing things LVN continue to do in their community, The Stop the Knife Project and “Don’t be Me” tour, aimed at young people and helping tackle knife crime in London (http://www.londonvillagenetwork.com/stoptheknife-2/) or the VAMP Project (http://www.londonvillagenetwork.com/vamp/) Designed to give young Londoners a chance to learn essential pre Employment training in IT and Digital Technologies.

But the best thing to do would be to go to their website - http://www.londonvillagenetwork.com/ learn more about their projects and recent evens and donate money to a very worthy cause. If you are in London please download the LVN App and start donating your time to make a difference!