Free Barranco by Night Tour


When: Wed & Sat


Language: English & Spanish


Duration: 3 hours


Price: Free

On our Free Barranco by Night Tour you’ll navigate through The Barranco District, which originated in the beginning of the 19th century when the air was so pure it became the perfect place to combat tuberculosis! Barranco has always been a different neighborhood, the place where artists, writers, and poets choose to live.

After walking through the Municipal Barranco Park we’ll arrive at the Barranco Beer Company, where your beer will be served directly from the barrels where it has been brewed!

Then we’ll stop at the famous Ayahuasca, a 19th century mansion transformed into a bar. Afterwards we’ll cross the Bridge of Sighs holding our breaths so that our wishes are granted, and arrive at Santos Café & Espirituosos where we will learn to make a Pisco Sour, Peru’s national drink.

On our Barranco by Night Tour you will immerse yourself in a place which is as emblematic as it is beautiful and you will meet new people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Without doubt this has to be the best way to spend an evening in Lima!

Bodega Piselli
santos cafe and espirituosos
Barranco ayahusca
Barranco Beer Company
Barranco Piselli
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Free Barranco by Night Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Bodega Piselli, which with over 100 years of age is one of the oldest bars of the into Barranco District.
  • Learn how to prepare a Chicano de Pisco and Pisco Sour, the two most popular drinks in Peru.
  • Have an unforgettable evening going from bar to bar, from drink to drink, in the most beautiful and charismatic neighborhood in Lima.

Price: Free

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Excellent fun tour

5 out of 5

The tour combined both history and visits to 3 bars. No pressure to purchase at all. Fernando was informative and fun. I recommend this tour.

Barb G - Gaithersburg, Maryland

August 2019


Starting Point

Starting Point: Museo de la Electricidad

At the Tram just outside the Museo de la Electricidad. (See map)


The Free Barranco by Night Tour runs Wed & Sat at 19.00 from the the Tram just outside the Museo de la Electricidad. No tours on the 25th of December and 1st of January.

The Free Barranco by Night Tour ends around Plaza Barranco.

The Free Barranco by Night Tour lasts around 3h.

Yes we will be there rain, hail or shine. Just make sure to have suitable clothing and consider bringing an umbrella if necessary.

Go to the meeting point and look for our guide carrying a red umbrella. If you have any problems finding the location please send us an email at:

Due to the high demand of our tours you can only join the tour if you have made a reservation. So please make a reservation: it is absolutely free, it takes less than one minute, and it helps us make sure that we have enough guides there to cover the demand. Help us make your Strawberry Tour experience unforgettable! Please note that we can't take groups of 8 people or more on our regular tours, instead, please get in touch with us here to enquire about a private tour.

In an effort to keep the group sizes manageable and enjoyable for everyone in the group we don’t allow groups of 8 people or more to join our regular tours. Instead , please get in touch with us here to enquire about a private tou

You need to be at least 18 years old. And please also bring a photo ID.

All our tours are free. That means that at the end of the tour, you can choose to reward the guide if you wish so, according to your enjoyment and your possibilities. A part of that goes towards covering our marketing and operational costs. This system ensures great quality in the tours, extremely high client satisfaction, and last but not least, that absolutely everyone can come on our tours, regardless of their budget.

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Price: Free

No need to print ticket.

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