Our Guides Havana


The Proud Geek

Marcel graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer from the prestigious Technical University of Habana, but on top of that, he is an addict of the Japanese culture and is deeply interested in learning their complex language. This charismatic geek loves exploring and experimenting new things, always looking for challenges and discovering the unknown. Being a tour guide comes from his father and being a history lover comes from the various fantastic universes where he likes wandering, while he reads or watches some of his favorite anime’s. In Cuba, even geeks are amusing and lively, this particular one is, aside from that, passionate about showing the rest of the world how wonderful and enigmatic his city can be.

Marcel’s Havana Tip!
Visit the amazing facilities of the ISA (Superior Institute of Arts), formerly a Golf field, reformed into an art school by Fidel Castro.



The joyful one

Anais is a happy and simple girl. Her personality will transmit tranquility, you will notice she is patient and calm; but in spite of it you will find she is quite pleasant and informative. Always transmitting the Cuban culture and tradition, she likes to exchange experiences and laugh a lot. She graduated in Accounting and Finance at the University of Havana, where she took courses as part of the ISSEM program together with the Humboldt University of Berlin. She is fluent in the English language and is currently beginning studying German. She is an animal lover and as part of her routine she enjoys exercising and going out with friends.

Anais’ Havana Tip!
Despite its reputation, Coopelia is not the best ice cream in Havana. Visit “Amore mío” on the corner of L Street (Calle L) and Línea Street (Calle Línea) in Vedado!


The Rover

She was born in Havana, a wonder city that is unique and it will never exist again as it is. She is a lawyer who is in love with the city, history, economics, politics. She is working on her masters degree. In her free time, she also learns about Cuban food and drinks, the Cuban authentic cocktails and meals, how to cook them and she has a passion for coffee as well. She has been tracking the history of coffee in Cuba even at the mountains where they are grown. She’s got a lot of charisma and she is flexible, always willing to help and ready to answer all kinds of questions. She has a passion for explaining what makes Cuba unique and different.

Judith’s Havana Tip!
Fábrica de Arte Cubano is a must in the city. The most vibrant and diverse night life can be found here with all sorts of artistic shows ranging from dancing to design. Music and bars merge inside an old facility turned into an art centre with paintings and installations.


The Explorer

The greed of Nelson for the knowledge of other cultures is voracious. During a tour, he will learn as much as the people walking with him. He worked as a computer programmer for four years, since it was the only way to have internet access so he could calm his curiosity of the world. He ended up trading jobs, since being a tour guide was the best way to find out more about humanity, first hand, not trough internet. The moment he is surrounded by foreigner is what he enjoys the most, talking to those people that will feed his immense imagination so it can create images, sounds and most importantly, flavor (this guy looks thin but he never stops eating) He has a hearth that is authentically pure and one giant footstep at a time he walks excited through his beloved Old Havana.

Nelson’s Havana Tip!
If you want to wait for the sunset, the best place for doing it is on the other side of the bay.


The Enthusiast

This guy, born in the cheerful capital of Cuba, is a real fan of history, politics and sports. Actually, he spends most of his free time watching documentaries related to these topics. He was about to become a musician, but life channeled his destiny into German and English languages studies, and today plans to major in translation and interpretation at the University of Havana.

Even though he might be used to see vintage cars running in Havana and through the whole country, they still take his breath away. Indeed, looking for info about these old-timers and taking them pictures have become his new hobbies. Mike loves trying new things and sharing his standpoints; therefore he is always eager to meet new people. Like any other young guy, he is also passionate about nature and great music.

Mike’s Havana Tip!
I highly recommend you to visit the Castle of El Morro. The combination of the city and the sea from there makes a stunning landscape that you will hardly forget.