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Come with us on our Free Tour of Coptic Cairo and explore the first place where Christianity settled after Palestine. Throughout the centuries Cairo, and Egypt, have been home to some of the revelations upon which the three most important monotheistic religions in the world were built: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Coptic Cairo you will find ancient beautiful temples for all three of them. Discover all the prophets who came through this land: from Moses who received the first commandments in Sinai, to Abraham who even married an Egyptian. Learn how St. Mark the Evangelist arrived in Cairo to start the oldest church in human history, the Church of Alexandria.

Walk with us through the Babylon Fortress, built in the 1st Century AD by the Romans when they arrived to Egypt, and loose yourself with us through this mystical area of Cairo. Marvel at the 110 icons that cover the ancient wall of the Hanging Church. See the church of Abu Sarga, one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 4th Century, and built on the site where the holy family rested at the end of their journey to Egypt.

Be astonished by the rare ancient manuscripts at the Synagogue of Ben Ezra, which used to be a church and was bought for only 20.000 dinars! Visit the oldest Mosque in Egypt and Africa, the Mosque of Amr Ibn Elas, which has been used as a Madrasa, a court of law, and of course place of worship for the last 13 hundred years.

As we walk through this three thousand year old part of town we’ll peel all the layers of Cairo’s intricate spiritual history, and we’ll hope to shed some light into the mystery of the revelations and why so many of them happened around the Nile’s capital. On our Free Tour of Coptic Cairo you will discover one of the most intensely mystical places in the world!