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Come with us for a stroll down Cairo’s most hectic, colorful, medieval area: Al Muizz street. Enjoy the area with the highest concentration of Medieval Architectural Treasures in the whole Islamic World. But worry not, far from having a museum feel to it, our Free Walking Tour of Islamic Cairo will take you through the hassle and bustle of the everyday Cairo life.

Be lead through the narrow lanes of Egypt’s busiest market and see highly skilled craftsmen using technics that date back to the time of the pharos. Get lost amongst beautiful lanterns, carpets, jewellery, glassware, furniture, textiles, books and much more produced right there in front of your eyes, at the famous Khan Ek-Khalili Bazaar.

Hear the stories of powerful Kings and Sultans, of how they rose and how they fell. Of great dynasties that have succeeded each other for the last 900 years, and of how each of them left testimony to their reign by building beautiful palaces that still stand down Muizz Royal Street.

Marvel at some of the oldest and most beautiful Mosques in the Islamic World, like the Al-Aqmar Mosque which aligns Muizz Street with Mecca. See the famous Al-Hakim Mosque, which was used as a prison for crusaders, a stable by Saladin and a fortress by Napoleon. Walk pass the great Madrasa of Salib-Kuttab one of the greatest treasures of Ottoman architecture, and be amazed by it’s wonderful unique mix of Mamluck and Ottoman art.

Travel through time with us and arrive in Cairo’s most fairy tale area. Discover the best preserved medieval city in the world, feel like a great explorer, set all your senses loose and dive into the oriental charm of Muizz street, for on our Free Tour of Islamic Cairo you will live the Arabian Night’s dream.