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Join us and discover the origins, the history and the present of the Argentinian capital on our Free Historical Center Tour of Buenos Aires. Enjoy the few examples which are left of the colonial hispanic architecture and understand through the buildings constructed after the independence the strong determination of the ruling classes of the 19th century to turn Buenos Aires into a modern European capital in South America.

Hear at May Square , the main square during the Spanish colonial times, the account of the insurrection which took place right there, in which a group of citizens made the most of the power vacuum in Spain, due to the napoleonic invasion, to declare independence and set the foundations for a new republic: Argentina. Hear too how after 6 long years of war, once independence was fully achieved, they found themselves in a period of Civil Wars that would last nearly four decades.

Cafe Tortoni 9 de Julio Avenue
Changing of the Guard Obelisk May Square

Admire the Casa Rosada (The Pink House), home of the government, and picture Evita singing “Don’t cry for me Argentina” from the balcony in which Peronism expressed itself the loudest. Marvel, right in front of his burial place, at the stories of San Martin, that canonised revolutionary army man who crossed the Andes to help liberate Chile, and who was a key player in the struggle for independence in Ecuador and Perú. Be moved by the May Mothers, who every Thursday gather to ask for the return of their lost children during the 1970’s military dictatorship, the darkest period in the country’s recent history.

On our Free Historical Tour of Buenos Aires you will walk through the most monumental and history charged area of Buenos Aires, and we will give you the keys to decipher the complicated, bloody and fascinating history of Argentina, helping you understand why one of the countries with most natural wealth in the world is incapable of overcoming its social and political issues.