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Buenos Aires

Once Pablo got his Major in Tourism, took a sabbatical year to study English as second language in USA and travelled around Europe, Middle East and Egypt.

But then as time went by, he understood this was an initiatory travel for him.

When he came back to Argentina, he realized his vocation was about what Leon Tolstoy said: “Paint your village and you’ll paint the world”. Since then, he devoted to show his country to visitors of Argentina.

After working in some Patagonian destinations for several important tour operators, had the chance to work in Local Tourism Development in his homeland: Junín…The same city where Evita Peron lived, before she travelled to Buenos Aires. Same than her, Buenos Aires seduced him to develop professionally and settled in a place where he could be present before one of his fundamentals: his family.

As many Argentineans, he likes to share a barbecue in good company, reading political news about his country between the lines and is passionate by sports like football and basketball.

Pablos’s Buenos Aires Tip!
The charm of Buenos Aires increases when we find the local flavors in the traditional places preferred by the porteños. Try a “Choripan” or a “Bondiolita completa” in the carts of the Costanera Sur or a few portions of pizza or empanadas in El Cuartito, Banchero or Guerrín.


Buenos Aires

Denise was born in Buenos Aires in January the 28th, 1998. Spanish is her mother tongue, but she also speaks English and French. With 21 years old, she’s a very curious, restless and lively person and she always wants to learn new things. Since she was a child, Denise has been keen on languages and travelling, so when she finished high school, she started studying Tourism. Fortunately for her, she’s been working on what she loves even before getting graduate, which has given her the confidence and security she needed to face new challenges. Even though she dreams with travelling around the world, she enjoys simple things in life: drink “mate” with friends, eat “asados” with her family, play with her pets and do exercise. Besides, she affirms she’s in love with her country and she feels very proud of the land she was born in, so rich in history and landscapes. In every new working experience she has, Denise reaffirms her service and hospitality vocation and she knows that she chose the right path.

Denise’s Buenos Aires Tip!
Chaotic but charming at the same time, Buenos Aires City has a lot to offer. Make a stop in some of its traditional cafes will be a great opportunity for you to feel like a “porteño” for a while: Los Inmortales, Café Los Angelitos o el Café Tortoni are some of the best cafes in town. And if you are interesting in new tendencies, Palermo neighbourhood will make you become fashionable with its trendy shops, European style cafes and its modern promenades.


Buenos Aires

Gonzalo was born in Buenos Aires on January 26th, 1998. During his childhood he began studying English and that opened the doors to the world of languages, which he deeply enjoys learning. Later he developed a taste for knowing the history and art of his country and other peoples and civilizations. In his teen years he had the opportunity to visit different and majestic places in the world such as Europe, South America, the United States and Asia. Finally Gonzalo found in tourism the opportunity to combine all the passions he had developed. That is why he decided to study the career of tour guide.

With a kind, friendly and calm character, he enjoys sharing with the visitors of his city all the wonders, stories and mysteries that enrich Buenos Aires in so many aspects.

Gonzalo’s Buenos Aires Tip!
Buenos Aires is a city that welcomes all tastes. You can attend an infinite number of museums, discos, shows, parks and squares throughout the city. Those who seek to understand the history of Argentines may visit Plaza de Mayo, San Telmo and La Boca until they are astonished to discover their great artistic and cultural value. And for the lovers of good food, Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the ideal place, for either having breakfast at Cafe Tortoni, eating a barbecue or tasting a pizza in Corrientes Avenue.


Buenos Aires

Nicolás was born in Buenos Aires and curiosity is his main quality. It has led him to travel through different countries practically throughout his life(his first trip was at 7 days of newborn!). He combines his passion for travel with the love of reading, music, plastic arts, football and gastronomy. See life (and mainly trips) as a useful book. He is currently studying Sociology at UNSAM, where he has already got a Tourism Guide Degree and is preparing his thesis on the performing arts offer of Buenos Aires to obtain a Bachelor in Tourism. He loves learning from the people who come to visit the city and sharing his passion for Buenos Aires.

Nicolás’ Buenos Aires Tip!
The city of Buenos Aires is recognized for its gastronomy influenced by the great immigration waves it received during its history. Something inevitable during a visit to the city is to take some “mates” (typical infusion in Argentina) accompanied by “facturas”(pastries) of any of the bakeries in the city. The variety in any pastry shop, added to the funny names of the pastries, will make a curious and unforgettable breakfast experience.