Mariana was born in Buenos Aires but since she was a girl she showed curiosity for travelling and discovering. That was the reason of her nickname "the little travel ant" and because her father, like so many immigrants, told her stories of other traditions and landscapes. She graduated as a Tourism Technician with the aim of knowing and discovering places, people, environments. She learned languages ​​because the main goal is being able to communicate and feeling each of the places she discovers, talking to people, enjoying the daily life of a city.

In 2002, after several trips, she started a 15-year experience in Europe and discovered her passion for introducing the city where she lived. Aarhus, Barcelona, Lisbon, Brussels became her place in the world and she offered their charms to those who wished besides visiting, feeling a city.

And back again in Buenos Aires, now wishing to accompany anyone who wants to live and get excited with an incredible destination.

Mariana's Buenos Aires Tip!
Buenos Aires is a delicious combination of European cities with a very personal charm. Walking through its streets means feeling an European ambiance in combination with our most precious traditions: a coffee in "jarrito" in the early morning of Buenos Aires, looking at buildings of Italian architecture... Having "empanadas" in a pizzeria with the background of a football game in an avenue that never sleeps. It is worth discovering this "mysterious Buenos Aires"


Once Pablo got his Major in Tourism, took a sabbatical year to study English as second language in USA and travelled around Europe, Middle East and Egypt.

But then as time went by, he understood this was an initiatory travel for him.

When he came back to Argentina, he realized his vocation was about what Leon Tolstoy said: “Paint your village and you’ll paint the world”. Since then, he devoted to show his country to visitors of Argentina.

After working in some Patagonian destinations for several important tour operators, had the chance to work in Local Tourism Development in his homeland: Junín…The same city where Evita Peron lived, before she travelled to Buenos Aires. Same than her, Buenos Aires seduced him to develop professionally and settled in a place where he could be present before one of his fundamentals: his family.

As many Argentineans, he likes to share a barbecue in good company, reading political news about his country between the lines and is passionate by sports like football and basketball.

Pablos's Buenos Aires Tip!
The charm of Buenos Aires increases when we find the local flavors in the traditional places preferred by the porteños. Try a "Choripan" or a "Bondiolita completa" in the carts of the Costanera Sur or a few portions of pizza or empanadas in El Cuartito, Banchero or Guerrín.


Fernanda is a porteña born and raised in the City of Buenos Aires. She studied to become a Tourist Guide of the City because she likes its dynamics, its colors and vividness. She loves to experience and see new places and be able to share her knowledge with her friends, family and tourists. Fernanda dances salsa and is always eager to learn more about the world. One of her objectives is to be able to travel while working. She is a quiet person but be prepared because she always has an ace under her sleeve to make you laugh!

Fernanda's Buenos Aires Tip!
Among the things that you cannot stop doing if you visit Buenos Aires, is to try their sweets like ‘alfajor’ and ‘dulce de leche’.


Carolina graduated as in Tourism at the “Universidad Nacional del Comahue” in Neuquén, in Northern Patagonia.

Since she was a little girl, she began to feel the passion for travel, keen on discovering the world and learning about different cultures. Ever since, she worked hard to learn different languages ​​and travel around to be able to perfect them. Currently, in addition to Spanish (her native language), she also speaks English, Portuguese, French and German. She also understands Italian and a little Hebrew.

She worked for a year as a Guide in a winery in Northern Patagonia. Then she served as Glacier National Park Guide in Southern Patagonia and several other places in Argentina.

What she is most passionate about her job is the contact with people from different parts of the world and learning from them. Every day you can learn something new!

Carolina's Buenos Aires Tip!
Buenos Aires is a multilayered city, but it has a unique personality in the world and each neighborhood has its own history and charm. I recommend you go through it carefully because every corner can surprise you! Do not miss the roast, the empanadas, the Mate and a good Malbec. Enjoy Buenos Aires at night and learn to dance Tango!