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When: Mon, Fri & Sat


Language: English & Spanish


Duration: 3 hours


Price: Free

All tours are suspended until further notice due to government’s regulations

Enjoy an unforgettable morning in Bogota’s Old Town and try some of Colombia’s traditional drinks and snacks. Colombia’s gastronomy is a mix of the local pre-hispanic tradition, the Spanish, and the African. On our Free Food Tour of Bogota you will discover a cuisine which everything it lacks in fame it makes up in taste!

Soak in the ambience of La Aldea, an alternative cultural center in which you’ll be able to try tropical fruits unique to Colombia and even make your own juice. We will take you to the Museum of Chicha where you’ll taste the famous indigenous beverage made of corn, water and sugar cane. Chicha nearly disappeared in the 50’s due to the irruption of beer, but is now again as popular as ever.

Enjoy a typical Colombian empanada, filled with potatoes, corn, and meat; however, there will be plenty to choose from. Try traditional Colombian cheese bread with a homegrown coffee. Eat delicious arepas, Colombia’s signature dish whose origin is curiously disputed by Colombia and neighboring Venezuela. 

So join our Food Tour Bogota and enjoy a relaxing evening amongst travelers as you eat and drink the best this wonderful city has to offer!

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*On our Free Food Tour Bogota you decide how much you eat and spend. Forget about paying an expensive ticket for a food tour and being given things that you may not like or are unable to eat because of dietary restrictions. You decide what you eat with the help of our guides and if you get an item from each place it’ll only cost you around 6USD to 7USD in total, even less if you’re sharing! You are also absolutely welcome to come along even if you don’t want to eat anything but want to learn about the area and Bogota’s fascinating food culture.



Free Food Tour Bogota Highlights

  • Discover the history of chicha, the beverage drank in Colombia since the prehispanic era.
  • Try the famous Arepas, delicious warm corn flour buns filled with whatever you want.
  • Take a shot of Aguardiente, the fuel of Colombia’s fiesta, and should you wish to do so dance through the night at a great traditional salsa club.

Price: Free

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Free Food Tour Bogota Features

Starting Point

Starting Point: Plazoleta del Rosario

Plazoleta del Rosario, in front of the Monument to Gonzalo Jiménez de Quezada. (See map)


The Free Food Tour Bogota runs every Mon, Fri & Sat at 14:30 from Plazoleta del Rosario, in front of the Monument to Gonzalo Jiménez de Quezada. No tours on the 25th of December and 1st of January.

The Free Food Tour Bogota ends around the Historic Centre.

The Free Food Tour Bogota lasts around 3h.

Yes we will be there rain, hail or shine. Just make sure to have suitable clothing and consider bringing an umbrella if necessary.

Go to the meeting point and look for our guide carrying a red umbrella. If you have any problems finding the location please send us an email at:

Yes, we have vegetarian dishes available on every stop.

Due to the high demand of our tours you can only join the tour if you have made a reservation. So please make a reservation: it is absolutely free, it takes less than one minute, and it helps us make sure that we have enough guides there to cover the demand. Help us make your Strawberry Tour experience unforgettable! Please note that we can't take groups of 8 people or more on our regular tours, instead, please get in touch with us here to enquire about a private tour.

In an effort to keep the group sizes manageable and enjoyable for everyone in the group we don’t allow groups of 8 people or more to join our regular tours. Instead , please get in touch with us here to enquire about a private tour.

All our tours are free. That means that at the end of the tour, you can choose to reward the guide if you wish so, according to your enjoyment and your possibilities. A part of that goes towards covering our marketing and operational costs. This system ensures great quality in the tours, extremely high client satisfaction, and last but not least, that absolutely everyone can come on our tours, regardless of their budget.

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Price: Free

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